Members of the Federal IPM Coordinating Committee

Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service/OPMP

David Epstein (


The National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Bob Nowierski (
Herb Bolton (
Marty Draper (


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NIFA/IPM Centers

The Regional IPM Centers are independent grant projects funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Danesha Seth Carley (
Joe LaForest (
Steve Young (
Susan Ratcliffe (
Amanda Crump (


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Natural Resource Conservation Service

Joe Bagdon (
Lindsay Haines (


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National Agricultural Statistics Service

Doug Farmer (


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Economic Research Service


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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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Carlos Blanco (


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US Forest Service

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Department of Interior

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National Park Service

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Bureau of Land Management

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Gina Ramos (


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Fish and Wildlife Service

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Department of State

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Agency for International Development

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Department of Health & Human Services

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Centers for Disease Control

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Department of Housing & Urban Development

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Office of Healthy Homes

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Department of Defense

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Environmental Protection Agency

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Frank Ellis (

General Services Administration

Smithsonian Institution

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