Pest Alerts

The purpose of a pest alert is to rapidly respond to a new or emerging pest while potential impact of the pest is assessed.  The NCIPMC will provide assistance and graphic layout of the pest alert along with a printable pdf.  If printed copies are desired, the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center will provide print ready files or assist with printing at cost. Regional and National Pest Alerts do not include specific pesticide recommendations, but rather suggest contacting local experts like Extension educators. Non-chemical recommendations may be included if substantial evidence of efficacy. 

Process and Guidelines

Development of a pest alert includes the following steps:

  1. Contact Susan Ratcliffe ( when a new or emerging issue is identified to discuss the need of a regional or national pest alert.
  2. Regional pest alerts will include that region’s IPM Center logo and national pest alerts include the Regional IPM Centers’ logo.
  3. An individual(s) prepares a draft of the text, usually 700-800 words and identifies appropriate images (300 to 600 dpi) and diagrams.
  4. The draft text is peer reviewed.
  5. The text, images and logo information is forwarded to the graphic designer for layout.
  6. The draft layout is sent to the individual(s) who authored the pest alert for approval.
  7. Graphic designer provides final file(s).
  8. Pest alert is distributed as pdf and/or printed.