Content Delivery

The IPM Centers have also been working with different partners to provide content that can be used in any extension program and on any website. Through use of simple sharing information provided with any of the components a wealth of information can be delivered to your clientele where they expect to find it, not where we wish they would go. Types of this content include maps, presentations, annotated image series, image galleries, video, and forms for reporting invasive species or pest occurrence. All of these have a great potential to enhance the different electronic portals you offer to stakeholders. An added benefit to these tools is the ease of updating. Since the information for these pieces of content are provided from a common repository and distributed to many locations for viewing, you only have to update the information at the source and all places where it is embedded is up to date! This can greatly cut down on the amount of time required to update all places where the same information is served as new updates are released. For more information, contact Joe LaForest or the IPM Center director in your region

Posting video for viewing or re-use via BugwoodVideo

Hosting of video with the ability to let anyone download the original video for re-use in other projects. For more information, contact Joe LaForest.

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Presentations delivered online via Bugwood Presents

Hosting of presentations with an embeddable player that can be used on any site with direct links for downloading the original presentation. For more information, contact Joe LaForest.

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Visualizations of pest data via EDDMapS

Through use of the Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System, we can easily generate real-time maps to show the distribution of a given organism and also change the color of markers based on any categories that can be contrived from the available data.  The maps can be embedded on to any website to allow for a consistent, real-time flow of information to all partners wishing to display the information.  For more information, contact Joe LaForest.

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Image Galleries and Annotated Image Series via Bugwood Images

Hosting of images with tools to assist in image recruitment, creating annotated image collecions, and delivery of those images to any website as galleries, slideshows, or image series. For more information, contact Joe LaForest.

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